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Can creativity and technology coexist?

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Introduction defining creativity


Fostering creativity in technology 










Source : Pfieffer Report can creativity and technology work together?How has technology impacted business creativity? computers could learn a lot from human interactions, dialogues


1. Technology eradicates barriers to creative excellence 


2. Mixing and remixing 


3. AI and ML about AI and ML


4. how tech boosts creativity as well 


5. Applications of creativity in technology sub headings


6. Simulating failure 

7. Rise of the creative class 


8. Intcreasing interactivity interactive storytwlling points from the image  how is technology improving creativity? examples of facebook, grammarly, alexa example

The disparities : Is technology killing creativity?




















 the complication dynamics, finding a world beyond technology



Is technology killing creativity?


Can creative technology replace human intellect? 








 impact of AI on the future… What role does AI play in the human world? AI takeover (embed) (embed) perceived threat of AI and ML in the creative field





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