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SMS Automation To Nurture

Your Pipeline


Send and schedule messages automatically. Effortlessly send Bulk SMS campaigns or  personalized offers with best in class delivery. Send from any CRM or application with native integration. Set up autoreplies to take conversations forward and much more. 


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JustCall is the clear choice in Contact Center Software for Small and Medium Businesses.




















Contact Center Workforce Usability Index by G2: Small-Business

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33% customers reported that they felt frustrated on having to wait for long hours before hearing back from a rep. However, you team can’t be available 24X7 or they risk burnout. Reduce the time to resolution by setting up automated SMS as autoreply or schedule Bulk SMS for a future date or time.










Bulk SMS

Send out SMS campaigns to any country at any time. Your team doesn’t need to lose sleep over it. Our automatic text message platform will significantly ease it out.


Automation of Replies

Auto text messaging helps schedule thousands of SMS messages written in advance. Our software will auto send text messages when certain conditions are met. 


Drip Campaigns

Create a campaign of automated texts meant to nurture your prospect into a customer, send them birthday offers, discounts, great content in a way that gently nudges them to a close. 


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One of the biggest reasons why outbound marketing fails is that it needs constant, hands-on attention. You can deliver consistent value and stay top of mind with your clients by sending automated SMS. You can integrate JustCall’s SMS platform with Hubspot, Zapier or any other business tool to help you gain complete visibility of communications. 














Local numbers

JustCall gives you a local number in more than 70 countries. SMS from local numbers is known to lead towards higher conversion rates.  


Automatic text detection

Our automated texting software can auto detect responses by the customers and accordingly auto send text replies to help ease pressure on support or sales. 


SMS Analytics


Track your SMS activity, Bulk SMS Campaigns & Analytics at a centralized place. Track the ROI of each campaign and tweak your communication accordingly. 

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The Only SMS Automation Software You’ll Ever Need





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FAQ: Getting Started With SMS Automation Solution


  • Can I personalize my automated texts? 

Yes, you can personalize fields such as first name, last name, company and much more in your automated texts. You can even personalize the discount that you roll out to each segment of your customers based on data you get from your CRM. 


  • How do I check if my Bulk SMS/Automated SMS is delivered or not? 

Our SMS automation software gives you detailed analytics on all important metrics such as delivery rate, failure rate, open rate and more. You can use this to make key decisions about your marketing strategy going forward. 


  • Can I schedule the SMS on JustCall? 

Yes the bulk SMS can be scheduled to go out at different times based on time zones. You can also set up the campaign to send out SMS as certain conditions are met. 


  • How much will it cost to send international Bulk SMS? 

You can find out how much it will cost you to send SMS to countries such as US, UK, Australia and more here on our SMS pricing page. The costs mentioned are for  1 Segment = 160 characters. For example, if you send a 200 characters long message, it will cost you 2 X SMS Cost as 200 characters will be counted as 2 segments.







Works with the CRM & Tools You ❤️



Getting started takes less than 5 minutes!


Get a new phone number or port your existing numbers, invite your team members and start making & receiving calls in 70+ countries in no time. 

















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