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How Sales Automation Can Help SDRs Close More Deals

Updated: Mar 26

Published article link : https://justcall.io/blog/personalized-customer-service.html

Blog Outline

Focus Keyword - sales automation

Keyword phrases - automation tools, sales and marketing, sales tools, sales automation benefits


(link to pillar blog)

https://www.salesforce.com/resources/articles/sales-automation/ stats

Why go for sales automation?

(benefits of sales automation)




https://www.mckinsey.com/business-functions/marketing-and-sales/our-insights/sales-automation-the-key-to-boosting-revenue-and-reducing-costs# exhibit 3

Sales processes simplified by automation

1. Lead enrichment

2. Remove manual dialing: Auto dialer ((removing human error))

3. Voicemail drop (removing human error)

4. Automatically save call/sms details: Automatic of call and SMS details in CRM

5. Follow ups: SMS automation (JustCall) and Email automation (CRM)

6. Scheduling appointments/calls

7. Collecting feedback (Post call survey)

8. Lead handover

9 Call analytics: you can only improve what you can measure

(graphics under each point)

Pitching in JustCall’s features under auto dialer, follow ups, call analytics



Image Requirements

Blog banner - showcasing any one of these elements

  1. Sales people at work, ie, people making calls while sitting at their desk

  2. Representing Sales Automation, as in the banner of this blog which shows several elements connected together by automation

  1. Graphics for these headings

1. Lead enrichment

This means identifying target customers(leads) and enriching their profiles with further information that is received about them from time to time during interactions

Can refer to something like this

Finished Image :

2. Follow ups: SMS automation and Email automation

Showcasing a scheduler with emails or sms’ lined up

Can refer to this

3. Scheduling appointments/calls

Showcasing a calendar with meetings scheduled

Finished Image :

4. Collecting feedback (Post call survey)

Showing an automated text message [Hello user! We hope all of your queries were answered. We’d love to hear your feedback on the experience. Reach out to us here - xxxx]

Finished Image :

5. Lead handover

Graphic representing sharing of work within the team - handing over leads in a distributed manner to everyone. Can show several people working together as a team.

Finished Image :


  • Remove manual dialing: Auto dialer ((removing human error))

  • Voicemail drop (removing human error)

  • Call Analytics

  • Auto saving call details


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